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Carly in London: Day 10 – August 4

Today was personally one of my favorite days so far in London! Since there was a break from artistic competition, I had a chance to take in some of the London sights with USAG staffers Jill and Kent.

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Carly in London: Day 9 – August 3

This year’s Olympic Games has given us the Fab Five, and now also the self-named “Fantastic Four”, which is our exclusive club of American women who have won the Olympic All-Around. This nickname of course was coined after the four of us – Mary Lou Retton, me, Nastia Liukin and Gabby Douglas.

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Carly in London: Day 8 – August 2

THREE-PEAT. I probably could let that phrase alone be my blog tonight, but that wouldn’t be as much fun. Obviously, I couldn’t be more excited for Gabby; and I am so thrilled to be here in London having the chance to witness magical moments like tonight! Gabby – welcome to the club!

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Carly in London: Day 7 – August 1

I had a bit of a lazy start to the morning today. Took my time waking up while flipping through Twitter and was so surprised to see all the tweets from people acknowledging the role I played in 2004 to help bring attention back to USA Gymnastics in this latest era.

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Carly in London: Day 6 – July 31

I’ve always said my favorite color is GOLD. And today is no different. I am so proud of our Fab Five – Aly, Gabby, Jordyn Kyla, McKayla – you girls EARNED that spot at the top of the podium today and I could not be more proud of our entire team!

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Carly in London: Day 5 – July 30

I can’t believe we’re already five days into my trip – it feels a little like I just arrived in London! Started my day this morning filming a segment LIVE on the TODAY Show.

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Carly in London: Day 4 – July 29

WOW. Where can I start? Team USA rocked the house in their first day competing here in London. It was so amazing to see our girls march onto the podium and hear the crowd cheering and waving USA Flags.

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Carly in London: Day 3 – July 28

Let the competition begin! Today was Day 1 for the Men…Team Prelims.

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Carly in London: Day 2 – July 27

What a Day! Thank you USAG and P&G for giving me the chance to SING again! Ok, let me explain…its been a while. I spent most of the day at the P&G Family Home, which is their amazing hospitality center for Olympians and their families.

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Carly in London: Day 1 – July 26

Hi Ya’ll. I’m honored to be here in London at the 2012 Olympic Games! This is the first one I’ve been to since winning three medals in 2004, and as a veteran, I’ve taken on a new role – I’ll be bringing ya’ll behind-the-scenes coverage on behalf of the Kellogg’s Tour for USA Gymnastics!

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