Carly in London: Day 9 – August 3

As you all know, this year’s Olympic Games has given us the Fab Five, and now also the self -named “Fantastic Four”, which is our exclusive club of American women who have won the Olympic All-Around. This nickname of course was coined after the four of us – Mary Lou Retton, me, Nastia Liukin and Gabby Douglas, spent the morning hanging out on the set of the Today Show.

Our segment today was so much fun – led by Gabby, we were definitely the stars of the show! And, it was nice to have a bit of time to chat with Gabby so she could fill me in on her experiences while being here in London. When I asked what she was looking forward to at home – she told me it was getting back to her dogs!

While catching up with Gabby, it was so special to hear the pure excitement in her voice and while I’m sure the magnitude of winning this title still hasn’t yet set in, she’s certainly enjoying the attention now!

As we were leaving set, Shawn Johnson and I met Seth Meyers who was so nice! We’ve seen him at the O2 for a couple gymnastics sessions and he said he was definitely a fan. Shawn Johnson and I then went head-to-head¬† in a fierce Jenga match, a game I haven’t played in forever! Shawn claims she beat me, but I totally blame it on the wind, seeing as the wind was a bit crazy today. Regardless, I will be awaiting my chance for a rematch!

When we left NBC, we headed toward our hotel to grab some lunch. Stopped in at a quaint little pub where we had a chance to relax and enjoy a yummy meal!

Then it was back to the hotel for a quick rest and a wardrobe change before leaving for our FIG reception at USA House. Mary Lou and I were both invited guests and had a chance to mingle with all the representatives from the FIG. I even got to meet Sawao Kato – one of Japan’s most successful Olympians ever.¬† I think he has 12 Olympic medals! Not only did he win back-to-back all-around titles (1968 and 1972) but he made a third team in 1976 and won the silver in the all-around that year.

I’ve definitely had tons of great pics from this amazing trip and tomorrow will just give me more chances to add to that list since we’re finally going to be tourists! Will keep you guessing where in London I’ll show up, but check back tomorrow for more stories and photos!